WOD: 11-17-12

Team WOD:  For total rounds:  6 x 3 min AMRAP of:

60 Double Unders
20 Hang Power Clean (115/75)
13 Splendids


Since I am making some gross assumptions, I will not explain this workout.  You should have this pretty much down packed by now.  Since I am a nice guy though, I will tell you that it is exactly what you think it is.  The good thing about this workout is that there is 100% no running in the cold weather involved.  The bad news is that this workout contains an almost obnoxious amount of Hang Power Cleans.  Even though the load is light and the range of motion is tiny, doing this bad boys incorrectly will ensure that the remainder of the workout punches you in your shoulderface harder than you would like.  My closing statement will be that Splendids are harder than Burpees and you are going to hate them.




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